Friday, August 15, 2008

Meet Kira Longman

This is Kira,she celebrated her 9th birthday on the 20th July in New Zealand.

Kira has taken the move from South Africa to New Zealand much more harder than we thought. Kira had to say good bye to her dog,Pepper,her nanna and grandpa whom she absolutely adores and obviously her own creature comforts that she had back home in South Africa. 3 Months later she is starting to adapt to her new 'home' and 'lifestyle' in NZ.

She has been moved one grade ahead, she is now in Grade 4 and she is coping well at school.....her crying in the morning has finally come to an end and her crying on the phone when speaking to nanna and grandpa has also finally come to an end. We try not to talk about her dog Pepper that is been looked after by a dear friend of our back in SA as that still hurts Kira very much. Kira has been made to believe that Pepper would eventually join us in NZ.....$40 000 later to get Pepper here...well i dont think it is going to happen.

Many times we want to sit kira down and tell her the truth about Pepper but we are so scared of hurting her as she has been through so much this year and she has made tremendous amounts of sacrifices that we just don't have the heart to break her little heart....but i know that eventually i am going to have to sit her down and tell her the truth.

Kira is a lovely little girl,so well mannered,so sincere and so honest....she has a heart of gold and such a tiny heart. We hope that when she does look back she will realize that she has been fortunate enough at such a young age to have had a great adventure with her mom,dad and sister...even thou there have been alot of tears and heartache along the way. However it has been an awesome adventure so far,something that i hope that she is going to start enjoying as the adventure has only just began........


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Cool to see you here!

Lea White

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Its such a hard thing to do when you move. I hope Kira enjoys NZ!

Welcome to the world of blogging.

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Wats up